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Chester Elton and Adrian Gostick are known in the industry as two of the best speakers on the circuit, immediately capturing the attention of their audiences and engaging them to learn and grow. Gostick and Elton aim to bring audiences around to a new way of thinking regarding empathetic, mission-driven leadership.

Positive Reinforcement
in the Workplace

Societal norms have a powerful effect on most everything we do, not least of all how we run our workplaces. It can be difficult to convince some leaders that the way to higher production and improved efficiency in the workplace is through valuing and recognizing employees for their good work, not through intimidation or pressure.

There is hope. Many employers send their people to events where they can hear Gostick and Elton and be exposed to a new way of thinking about how to engage and inspire employees.

in the Workplace

Anxiety in the workplace is rampant today, and a significant contributor is the way we manage our people. Toxic workplaces ramp up anxiety in high-performing employees and can plant the seeds of worry in normally confident workers. Anxious workers burnout at more than twice the rate of other employees, don’t stay long at their jobs, and certainly don’t recommend their workplaces to friends or family.

Gostick and Elton’s research shows almost half of U.S. workers say that anxiety affects how they do their jobs, and three-quarters say the top reason for their anxiety is their supervisor.

Gostick and Elton detail these issues in their bestselling book, Anxiety at Work: 8 Strategies to Help Teams Build Resilience, Handle Uncertainty, and Get Stuff Done. When you bring them in as corporate speakers, they can touch on vital resilience strategies.

Gostick & Elton: Motivational Speakers

When you choose Gostick and Elton as keynote speakers, you will not only captivate and enlighten your audience, you’ll spark change. Many business motivational speakers recycle old information and tips, relying on dynamic delivery for success. Gostick and Elton became inspirational speakers after years of careful and diligent research with more than 1 million working adults. Gostick and Elton deliver more, because they have more — more books, more research, more education, more experience, more knowledge and more dedication to the effort.

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"We invited Chester Elton and Adrian Gostick from The Culture Works to speak to our US Medical Affairs Team during a department virtual meetings. WOW! They did a fabulous presentation. Very engaging and very much aligned with our meeting theme, ‘Stronger Together.’ They talked about how high-performance cultures are engaged, enabled and energized—where people are committed to the mission of the enterprise, support each other every day, and remind each other often why we do what we do. They met with us in advance and worked closely with us throughout the meeting planning process to ensure their message was aligned and impactful. Both Chester and Adrian were amazing."
Mark Page
Head of US Oncology Medical Affairs, Daiichi-Sankyo
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