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Choosing a Motivational Speaker: Questions, Budget, Reputation

In part one of this two-part blog series, we went over some basics on how to choose the ideal keynote speaker for your corporate event. Motivational speakers come in several varieties, and you want professionals who not only have a background in success, but also a track record of communicating this well with audiences and raising engagement with the business in question.

At Gostick and Elton, we’re happy to serve as home to two of the best motivational speakers in the entire realm of business. Adrian Gostick and Chester Elton have both been providing quality keynote speaker services to businesses for years, whether your setting is a conference or any other format. Whether you’re choosing between these two or looking at a broader range of speaking needs, what are some of the other top variables to consider while making your choice? Here are several.

Prepare Questions

Before you meet with a given speaker you’re considering, it’s important to have a basic list of questions you feel should be answered. The following are good basic guidelines to follow:

What is the main theme of their presentation? How does this message tie into our company’s ethos and mission statement? How long have they been in business as a motivational speaker? What other companies or organizations have they worked with in the past?

These are the kinds of basic due diligence questions all companies should consider. The more you know about a given subject matter-related professional, the better your chances will be of making a match that sends positive associations throughout your company and community

Budget Factors

Like with any other service you’re considering that costs money, it’s also important to evaluate your budgetary factors. This is especially true if you’re not in a position to spend much on your keynote speaker services for this year’s event, but still want the work to be high-quality. If so, consider what compromises can be made with regard to themes or consultants here in order to get the most value possible in terms of return on investment.

Value of Reputation

Reputation is important in many industries, but it takes on a heightened role in the motivational speaking business. Reputation varies from one professional to another, and it can take several years for a speaker to build up a strong foothold with audiences – if they ever do – so the value of reputation is something you must consider before making any final decisions here.

Don’t Compromise Your Primary Desires

You know why you’re hiring a motivational speaker for your business, and you should not compromise on that. If your primary motivation is to get a specific message or theme across to your audience, the last thing you should do is hire a speaker who provides something else entirely. When decision time comes, always be sure you’re getting what you want and expect from any motivational speaker that will be featured at your company’s upcoming event.

For more on choosing the ideal keynote motivational speaker for your needs, or to learn about any of our motivational speaking or employee engagement tactics, speak to the pros at Gostick and Elton today.