Discover the Power of Empathetic, Mission-Driven
Leadership with Chester Elton and Adrian Gostick

If you are looking for motivational speakers who can inspire your audience to achieve more, look no further than Chester Elton and Adrian Gostick. They are renowned experts on leadership, culture, and teamwork, who have delivered captivating and impactful keynotes to thousands of audiences around the world. With their engaging style and compelling stories, they will show you how to create a culture of empathy, alignment, and accountability in your organization. You will learn how to unleash the potential of your people, drive performance and innovation, and make a positive difference in the world. Don’t miss this opportunity to book Chester Elton and/or Adrian Gostick for your next event.

How Positive Reinforcement
can transform your Workplace

Fear, pressure, and criticism are not effective ways to motivate employees. They lower morale, increase turnover, and reduce performance and innovation. Employees need and want positive reinforcement. They want to feel valued, appreciated, and recognized for their good work. They want to work in a culture of gratitude, where leaders express genuine and specific appreciation for their contributions and achievements. That’s why many leaders book Gostick & Elton to speak at their events or send their people to events where they can learn from Gostick & Elton, the leading experts on gratitude in the workplace.

In their bestselling book, Leading with Gratitude, Gostick & Elton reveal how gratitude can transform your organization. They share the proven practices of the most successful leaders who use gratitude to engage and inspire their teams, drive performance and innovation, and create a positive impact in the world. If you want to learn proven benefits of leading with gratitude and create a culture of positive reinforcement in your workplace, book Gostick & Elton for your next event.

An excellent presentation with contagious energy! We had a lot of positive feedback. I really appreciate the great content, engaging our team, and provoking our thinking as we strive to improve our leadership capabilities in support of our culture journey

Chief Human Resource Officer, Keurig Dr. Pepper 

Reduce Anxiety and Boost Resilience

Anxiety at work is a common and costly problem in today’s workplaces. It affects how employees perform, how long they stay, and how they feel about their work.

One of the main causes of anxiety is the lack of psychological safety–employees don’t feel comfortable to speak up, take risks, or make mistakes.

Anxiety can also be triggered by uncertainty, change, pressure, and isolation. Anxious workers burnout at more than twice the rate of other employees, and three-quarters say their supervisor is the top reason for their anxiety.

Gostick & Elton are the authors of the bestselling book, Anxiety at Work: 8 Strategies to Help Teams Build Resilience, Handle Uncertainty, and Get Stuff Done.

They have researched and interviewed hundreds of leaders and employees who have overcome anxiety and learned to thrive at work. They will share with you the proven strategies to help you and your team reduce anxiety and boost resilience.

You will learn how to create a culture of psychological safety, foster trust, and collaboration, manage stress and emotions, cope with change and uncertainty, and achieve your goals of profitable growth.

Learn how to reduce anxiety and boost resilience at work.

Adrian was AWESOME!! We were very pleased with his presentation and have him on our list to invite back for future events

CEO, Scheduling Institute

Gostick & Elton: Inspiring Speakers on Leadership, Wellness, and Culture.

If you want to transform your organization and achieve extraordinary results, learn from Gostick & Elton as your keynote speakers, for executive coaching, and masterclass facilitation.

They are the authors of the New York Times bestselling business book All In, which reveals the secrets of how the best leaders create a culture of belief and drive big results. Based on their extensive research with more than a million people in high-performance organizations, Gostick & Elton will teach you how to Engage, Enable and Energize your workforce.

Gostick & Elton are not just speakers, they are experts. They have spent years studying and interviewing leaders and employees who have built great workplace cultures. They have written more books, conducted more research, gained more education, acquired more experience, shared more knowledge, and shown more dedication to their field than anyone else.

When you book Gostick and/or Elton as your keynote speaker, you will not only entertain and educate your audience, but you will also ignite change.

“You both were outstanding! We have received so many awesome comments about your presentation.  Many are saying this is the best futureFOCUS conference they have attended. Your presentation rating has an average of 4.92 out of 5 from over 120 attendees. WOW.

Director, Delta Dental

"We invited Chester Elton and Adrian Gostick from The Culture Works to speak to our US Medical Affairs Team during a department virtual meetings. WOW! They did a fabulous presentation. Very engaging and very much aligned with our meeting theme, ‘Stronger Together.’ They talked about how high-performance cultures are engaged, enabled and energized—where people are committed to the mission of the enterprise, support each other every day, and remind each other often why we do what we do. They met with us in advance and worked closely with us throughout the meeting planning process to ensure their message was aligned and impactful. Both Chester and Adrian were amazing."
Mark Page
Head of US Oncology Medical Affairs, Daiichi-Sankyo

The Best Team Wins: 5 Disciplines of the Most Effective Team Leaders

Based on an 850,000-person study of the most profitable, innovative work teams, the authors introduce the new science of teamwork. Most employees now work collaboratively, but 96 percent of executives cite poor teamwork as the main source of workplace failures. It might be the most-pressing question organizations must address: How can managers better lead teams to improved performance given the volatility and challenges they face today. This session introduces solutions to address:

  • Enhancing speed to productivity
  • Working cross-functionally
  • The rise of the Millennials/GenZ             
  • Attracting & retaining great talent