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Keynote Speakers: Live & Virtual

Adrian Gostick and Chester Elton are well-known workplace culture and leadership experts who deliver captivating keynote and masterclass presentations for in-person and virtual formats.


For in-person conferences, conventions, and corporate events, Gostick and Elton’s dynamic keynotes and deep-dive masterclasses are consistently praised for their engaging delivery, research-backed insights, and practical takeaways. They leverage storytelling, multimedia, and interactive elements to bring their content to life and inspire audiences everywhere.


Additionally, the duo offers virtual presentation options that maintain their high-energy, immersive facilitation style. Using web conferencing tools and virtual collaboration spaces, they can reach wider audiences and provide scheduling flexibility, demonstrating their commitment to meeting the diverse needs of their audience while still delivering the same caliber of impactful, actionable strategies.


Regardless of the format, Gostick and Elton’s presentations are renowned for educating, motivating, and equipping participants with solutions to complex workplace challenges. Their expertise and engaging delivery make them highly sought-after speakers for intimate gatherings or large conferences.

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Executive Director, New York JPMorgan

That was so fun, and brilliant from our perspective – thank you. Looking forward to our next session!

Executive Director JP Morgan Chase

The virtual session on May 10 has been met with outstanding feedback and follow-up. We have heard from employees globally that the message was timely, relevant, informative. Adrian and Chester were really engaging.